Raumaster as an employer

We are a global leader in material handling systems and equipment with customers mostly in the energy and paper industry.

Key to our growth and success is in our motivated, talented and innovative staff. We deliver turnkey projects, which demands solid team play. One person designs, another engineers and a third person manages customer relations. Ability to share and accept information is a necessity. We have employees in every career stage - from students and newly graduated engineers to seasoned veterans.

Challenging and international

Our experts are continuously working on various interesting assignments in Finland and abroad. Level of challenge is in employee's hands and job description is tailored together to meet the employee's motivation.

Constantly growing

We have actively focused on transferring knowledge from veterans to novices in recent years. This has manifested itself through continuously growing number of employees. We are constantly looking for more experts to join us - whether they are just starting their careers or have already gained experience elsewhere.

Caring and committed

Our employees are our most valuable equity. What started in 1984 as a team of five persons has grown into a company of nearly 300 - and yet, we are still a team.

We foster lifelong learning and encourage our employees to educate themselves. Helping our employees to develop both personally and professionally and providing opportunities for career progression is important to us.

We know the value of family. For us family is not a hindrance but an inducement - at Raumaster you don't have to worry about tomorrow!

Join our team

Interested in becoming part of our success? Check out our open positions or send your open application and CV using the application form found on the Upload a job application page. We look forward to hearing from you!