Finnish engineering in the energy and wood processing industries is of world class quality. The story of Raumaster is also about the know-how and hard work of Finnish engineers; the engineering approach has been our cornerstone from the beginning.

Raumaster  has  been  able  to  remain  at  the  core  of  the industry  by  continuously  accepting  new  challenges  to enable customers to make their products better with help from  us.  Our  target  is  not  to  follow  others  but  to  set  the industry standard by ourselves. The scope of the systems shall be according to the customer preferences  –  each  concept  is  individual  to  meet  the requirements.

Solid fuel and biomass handling Wood handling

Solid fuel and biomass handling


Wood handling

The commitment to the best possible operation of a power plant begins from the moment the fuel arrives to the plant. Raumaster delivers complete material handling systems as a turn-key delivery for the  fuelyard and boiler.  Raumaster has decades of experience of delivering larger and smaller systems for a range of different fuels and materials.

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Today in the wood processing industry, the commitment to the end product quality begins from the moment the wood arrives at the mill. Every stage of a modern wood handling process is optimized to produce homogenous, high-quality fiber raw material with minimum fiber loss, minimum energy consumption and minimum environmental impact.

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