Solid fuel and biomass handling

The commitment to the best possible operation of a power plant begins from the moment the fuel arrives to the plant. It's crucial to create a fully controlled material flow that is both reliable and efficient. Raumaster delivers complete material handling systems as a turn-key delivery for the fuelyard and boiler.

Raumaster has decades of experience of delivering larger and smaller systems for a range of different fuels and materials. No matter what your material handling needs are we have a superior solution for you.

Receiving systems Screening and crushing Storages and reclaiming

Receiving systems


Screening and crushing


Storages and reclaiming

 Fuel feeding systems  Ash handling systems  Pneumatic conveying systems

Fuel feeding systems


Ash handling systems


Pneumatic conveying systems

 Additive and bed material feeding systems  Conveyors for causticizing and lime kilns  Conveyors for recovery boilers

Additive and bed material feeding systems


Conveyors for causticizing and lime kilns


Conveyors for recovery boilers

Dust and concentrate handling in smelting plants    

Dust and concentrate handling in smelting plants