Raumaster Service

Raumaster Service offers full range of after sales services required for fuel and pulp material handling conveyor systems. Our services ensures high usability and reliable functionality through whole material handling system’s life cycle.

With our centralized after sales functions we can offer professional and reliable service all over the world.

Raumaster’s Service personel are experienced and are able to handle all service works required comprehensively. Our service functions are governed from our headquarters which guarantees that whole company’s knowledge base is obtainable in any circumstances.

Since 2009 Raumaster Service expanded operations in Västerås, Sweden to offer even better lead times for wide Swedish customer base. Swedish local unit is called Raumaster AB.

Spare parts

Raumaster Service delivers spare and wear parts all the equipment Raumaster has delivered during the years. Most common parts are available straight from the spares stock. Other parts are made by our specialized partners which can meet also demanding lead times.

Modern production methods, reliable material suppliers and our quality management system guarantees high quality of the original Raumaster spare parts.

Service audits

Raumaster service also offers complete audit services for the systems Raumaster has delivered. To make sure problem free production we highly recommend yearly service audits for all the conveyor systems.

According to service audit we deliver complete report of all the devices we have studied. This report includes all observations and measures as well as possible repair and part replacement recommendations.

All the reports are stored into Raumaster Service database where whole spares and service history of the equipment is available for our specialists. According to this database preventing maintenance requirements and scheduling is easy to create in advance.

Conveyor chains and sprockets

As conveyor technology supplier we require superb quality and durability of our chains and sprockets.

Original Raumaster-conveyor chains are made according to international chain standards yet they are far over standard’s requirements in strength.

Since for example elevators are becoming higher and therefore set new demands for stronger conveyor chains. Raumaster’s heavy duty elevator chain fulfills these new demands in any circumstances.

We are able to deliver welded conveyor chains as well as forged drag chains and numerous different special chain types.

Raumaster Service offers and delivers all the chains and sprockets for equipment supplied by Raumaster concern companies.

Conveyor products

Raumaster’s decades long experience in material handling is based on wide knowledge base of different conveyor equipment. This allows Raumaster Service to offer these single conveyor products to all customers.

Raumaster conveyors are known in their reliability and durability. All products are tailor made and designed to best suit for customer’s requirements.

We deliver equipment such as:

  • Screw conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Screens
  • Screw reclaimers
  • Crushers
  • Air lock feeders
  • Slide gates
  • Ash humidifiers
  • Elevators
  • Pneumatic conveyors

Field services and scheduled maintenance

Raumaster Service offers maintenance and repair works according to customer’s needs. Typically these jobs are such repairs which are detected during service audits or replacing jobs for spare and wear parts. These assignments can be done on hour basis or by fixed contracts.

We can also offer experienced erection or service supervisors for customer’s different projects as technical support.

Workshop repairs and major overhauls

Raumaster Service is able to perform also complete renewals for conveyors and other material handling equipment. These jobs are normally done in our own machine shops.  This could be the repair of the conveyor screw or whole renovation of the air lock feeder as an example.

On arrival to the machine shop device goes through full mechanical examination where needed repair work is defined. According to we form a full condition report and offer for the renovation work and spares needed. After this customer can decide precisely what they want to get done for their equipment and what it will cost to them.

After our renewal device is mechanically comparable to new.

Renewals and minor projects

Raumaster has decades long experience of varying material handling problems their customers have faced during the years. More importantly Raumaster has knowledge how to solve these problems. According to this knowledge Raumaster Service is able to deliver equipment replacements and small projects.

Replacement takes place at the time when service audit is proven the condition of the equipment being so poor that repair is no more reasonable. In such cases our specialists defines if technical requirements of the device remains the same or are there new material or capacity demands for the equipment. New equipment are then designed according to these new specifications to suit customer’s purposes also in future.

Raumaster Service often handles small projects for material handling purposes. Typically these are new additional process equipment or modernization of the small material handling system.