Pneumatic conveying systems

The Raumaster system offers you a simple, flexible and reliable solution with low initial costs, long operating life and very low maintenance. Because of totally enclosed, robust construction the Raumaster pneumatic conveying system is dust-free, spill-free and weather-proof.

With the establishment of pneumatic sub-division, Raumaster Energy division has a unique capability to deliver a complete solution for
all material handling system needs in a modern boiler plant - making our product portfolio the most extensive in the market.

Pneumatic Division experts take care of pneumatic conveyors with capacity up to 100t/h, injection systems, material loading systems and silos, special valves and pipelines. Automation can be handled either by DCS system or by fully equipped and factory tested local control panel.

Raumaster Pneumatic Conveyor RPC minimizes the amount of moving parts and guarantees highest possible material/air ratio, which keeps pipe wear to minimum. Efficient use of compressed air also means low power consumption and low running costs.

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