UN Sustainable Development Goals

Raumaster is committed to observing the Sustainable Development Goals of UN in all its activities.

Of the 17 goals defined by UN, six which are particularly a part of Raumaster's business culture have been selected. They include:

5. Gender equality

  • Raumaster has a gender equality plan in place
  • Raumaster's ethical principles prohibit discrimination based on gender

7. Affordable and clean energy

  • We provide technology for the use of renewable fuel

8. Decent work and economic growth

  • Raumaster has a certified occupational health and safety management system
  • Comprehensive and extensive occupational health care for employees
  • Raumaster respects the right to organise

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • The reliable and long-lived equipment delivered by Raumaster is designed for use in effective technical infrastructure, for example as a part of an energy management network

10. Reduced inequalities

  • Discrimination based on inequality is prohibited in Raumaster's ethical rules
  • Company management is obligated to intervene in case inequality is reported to, or identified by the management

13. Climate action

  • Energy consumption is reduced systematically through the third-party audited Energy Efficiency System (EES+)
  • The carbon footprint is considered in investments and in the procurement of energy
  • Raumaster acknowledges its own carbon footprint and follows a planned approach to reduce it (HINKU – local project for reduction of carbon footprint, electricity procurement, vehicle fuels, etc.)