Steady fuel flow ensures clean and efficient energy

Every process is different and therefore every Raumaster solution is custom-made

Solid fuel feeding 

Raumaster fuel feeding systems provide a reliable, efficient and fully controlled material flow. Our systems are applicable to a wide range of fuels and are always custom made for each customer keeping in mind the requirements set by the fuel and capacity.

Bottom and fly ash handling 

The growing use of solid fuels and waste is increasing the requirements for ash handling equipment. Raumaster consistently makes innovations in the development of the ash handling systems. Personnel safety and clean environment are taken as a priority when designing the right type of equipment.

Bed materials and additive systems 

Raumaster supplies full range of mechanical and pneumatical conveying systems for bed materials and additives. Efficient and reliable bed material handling system promotes better boiler operation. Coupled with Raumaster bed material screening and recycling equipment it also helps lower the operational costs.

Conveyors for recovery boilers 

Solutions for recovery boilers. New boiler projects, capacity increase, modernization or renewal of an existing conveyor system.

Conveyors for causticizing and lime kilns 

Raumaster's equipment for causticizing and lime kilns handle every step of the chemical recovery process.

Conveyors for smelting plants 

Raumaster has gained a lot of experience of smelting process conveyors. We give special attention to ensure tightness and insulation of the equipment. Our conveyors can be integrated to customers' equipment, thus minimizing the amount of connections.