Reliable material flow improves productivity

You need reliable material flow that works properly every single day. That's where we come in.

Receiving systems 

We have decades of experience of handling multitude fuels, for example, wood-based biomasses, pellets, briquettes, peat, coal, recycled fuels, sludge, agricultural wastes & by-products and solid recovered fuels (SRF/REF).

Screening and crushing 

Raumaster supplies a wide selection of screens and crushers to tackle the problem of impurities in the fuels. Our screening systems effectively ensure even particle distribution as well as removing metals, stones, and oversized particles – keeping your process free of disruptions.

Storages and reclaiming 

Depending on the capacities and storage volumes required, a suitable solution for each project is selected from Raumaster storage and reclaiming product line – a solution perfected by our long experience and continuous product development. (Photo: Hans Ekestang)