Raumaster receives one of the largest orders in its history – a complete fuel yard delivery to Göteborg Energi

Image is illustrative / Photo: Göteborg Energi

The Rauma-based energy, pulp, and paper industry material handling system supplier Raumaster Oy will deliver a complete fuel yard for the Swedish Göteborg Energi AB’s Rya district heat and electricity production plant. As a result of the biofuel steam boiler that will be built by Valmet, Göteborg Energi creates additional district heat and electricity delivery capacity. In addition to the fuel yard, Raumaster supplies all conveyor systems for the boiler.

The delivery is one of the largest in Raumaster Oy’s almost 40-year history both financially and in terms of production. The total value of the trades is almost 30 million euros. The delivery includes fuel reception, screening, and storage as well as transport to the boiler. All of the buildings and building service systems, complete electrification, automation, and fire protection will also be included in the complete delivery.

”This comprehensive project will cover practically everything from the necessary infrastructure for the fuel handling system and all the supporting functions, including installation and testing. In modern projects, complete deliveries have become increasingly more common, and this is a great example of that. The project has both direct and indirect effects on employment as it involves a significant amount of subcontracting in addition to our own work”, explains Pasi Grönroos, Raumaster Oy’s Development Manager.

In accordance with Göteborg Energi’s environmental goals, all district heat must be produced from renewable and recycled sources by the end of 2025. With this new plant, Göteborg Energi will become independent of natural gas and the company can provide their customers district heat that is 100 percent renewable and recycled. The plant mainly uses local forest chip and recycled wood.

”Raumaster invests in projects that follow the principles of sustainable development and we actively participate in development work. It is estimated that the boiler will generate 156 megawatts of heat and 39 megawatts of electricity for the local energy system”, Grönroos says.

”I am very pleased with the level of trust we have been given. It says a lot about Raumaster’s quality and service security. Our order backlog is strong and despite the uncertainties in our operational environment, the next few years look stable. I would also like to thank our employees for their great work”, continues Kari Pasanen, CEO of Raumaster Oy.

Raumaster’s deliveries will begin in late 2024 and continue until the end of 2025, and the completed project will be handed over in the spring of 2026.

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