Kari Pasanen is Raumaster's new CEO

Raumaster Oy has chosen M.Sc. in Paper Technics Kari Pasanen to be nominated as new CEO. Pasanen will come to Raumaster at the beginning of the year 2020 and will start in his CEO duties at 1st of February 2020. He comes to Raumaster from UPM Communication Papers Oy where he has been working as Regional maintenance director (North), Finland & UK, UPM Paper ENA. Pasanen has former experience in UPM among other positions as General Manager in Rauma paper mill.

“Kari has gained significant network and leadership experience in the big paper corporations during the last 30 years. This will be a great base to lead our solid family company into the new decade.” Jouko Mäkilä, Chairman of the Board of Raumaster Oy, commented on the selection.