Our products

Wood room 

Raumaster supplies complete wood rooms including equipment for log receiving and pre-treatment, debarking, chipping as well as bark processing and water treatment. Each Raumaster wood room is individually and flexibly designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Chip receiving 

Raumaster chip receiving systems provide a reliable and efficient system for fully controlled purchased chips flow. Systems are always custom made for each customer, keeping in mind the requirements set by the chip transport methods and the pulping process. Large capacity range is available due to a wide selection of equipment.

Chip storage 

Raumaster's Wood Handling product line comprises an extensive range of chip storage systems and equipment including silo systems, pile storage systems, stacker/reclaimer systems, belt stackers, shuttle belt conveyors, traversing screw reclaimers, rotating screw reclaimers and conveyor systems.

Chip screening 

The purpose of chip screening is to form the optimum chip size distribution for pulping process. Modern mills typically use thickness screening process because this has a large influence on cooking results.

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