Off-site repairs and overhauls

Raumaster Service is able to perform complete renewals for conveyors and other material handling equipment. These jobs are normally done in our own workshops in Rauma (Finland) and Västerås (Sweden). This could be the repair of the conveyor screw or whole renovation of the air lock feeder as an example.

On arrival to the machine shop device goes through full mechanical examination where needed repair work is defined. According to we form a full condition report and offer for the renovation work and spares needed. After this customer can decide precisely what they want to get done for their equipment and what it will cost to them.

After our renewal device is mechanically comparable to new.

Our products

Equipment inspection 

Raumaster Service's equipment inspection is performed by our highly skilled personnel who are specialised in material handling systems. We work to ensure the highest available uptime.

Equipment renewals 

Raumaster has decades long experience of varying material handling problems our customers have faced during the years. More importantly Raumaster has knowledge how to solve these problems. According to this knowledge Raumaster Service is able to deliver equipment replacements and small projects.

Chains and sprockets 

As a reliable conveyor technology supplier we require superb quality and durability of our chains and sprockets. Original Raumaster conveyor chains are made according to international chain standards yet they are far over standard’s requirements in strength.

On-site maintenance 

Tailored to boost your productivity. When equipment is intact, things flow smoothly. Raumaster Service's offering covers all on-site material handling system maintenance work needed to support your productive processes.

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