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Finnish engineering in the wood processing and energy industries is of world class quality. Raumaster Oy, founded in 1984, is a renowned supplier of advanced material handling systems and equipment. Today our company is regarded as a global leader in its line of business.

Raumaster continually strives to ensure the utmost reliability and quality of our products and after sales services. We employ over 400 professionals to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

We at Raumaster value our customers, each other and the high quality of our work. Join us!

Open positions

Asiakaspalveluinsinööri, Raumaster

Käyttöönottoinsinööri, Raumaster Paper

Lujuuslaskija / mekaniikkasuunnittelija, Raumaster Paper

Pääsuunnittelija, Raumaster Paper

Service Sales Specialist, Raumaster Paper