Master of Dokumentointi: Kaisa Keskiväli – at the heart of current information

The documentation designer is the important link through which all important documentation is sent to the customer. Planning, broadmindedness, and technical understanding as well as organisational skills and the ability to anticipate play a key role in Kaisa Keskiväli’s work. Experience is an asset, as is the opportunity to develop your work.

Raumaster Oy’s documentation department, which consists of nine professionals, is responsible for creating, collecting, and delivering the company’s project documentation. They also ensure that the customers’ documentation is current and in compliance with the contracts.

One of these documentation designers is Kaisa Keskiväli, who has worked in her position for a little over seven years. In this comprehensive work, the set of tasks varies in every project.

”We ensure that the documentation we deliver to the customer, such as drawings and technical materials, are clear and what we agreed upon. We also create user and maintenance guides for equipment as well as various training materials. Furthermore, we compose component log cards which contain detailed information on the equipment.”, Keskiväli explains.

"We pay close attention to the requirements and needs of the customers."

Large quantities of technical information on the operation of the different pieces of equipment and systems and their maintenance passes through documentation. Documentation also includes motor information and various catalogues, among other things.

”I have a general understanding of the equipment, and I know how processes work and progress. I communicate the content of the documentation with the project team. We pay close attention to the requirements and needs of the customers. For example, we deliver the documentation for certain customers using their own templates.”

Keskiväli has long experience in documentation. She’s worked at Raumaster since 2016. She has a master's degree in philosophy and a Bachelor of Engineering.

Important information centralised the customer

Keskiväli familiarises herself with the entire project at the very beginning. In addition to the scope of the delivery, she examines documentation requirements and schedules, for example. This makes organising her work easier.

"Majority of my contribution takes place during the final parts of the design process, but during the kick off meeting I find out what we are delivering, and which topics are noteworthy. Of course, I start my work at the very beginning by delivering various documents.”, Keskiväli says.

A documentation designer collaborates with a wide range of professionals. The information the documentation designer gains is used for various purposes, some is delivered to the customer, and some is used in support of their own work. They also ensure that all the documentation they receive from the subcontractors is appropriate.

”The customer receives all information from one centralised location. Changes always happen during the process, so the instructions are usually delivered after the design has been completed. That way we know precisely what sort of equipment the customer will receive."

"A slightly different experience from documentation brings a unique point of view on certain subjects and process development."

Master’s degree and Bachelor of Engineering

Keskiväli has worked as a documentation designer for Raumaster since May 2016 when she moved back to her hometown Rauma after 16 years away.

Keskiväli has completed a master’s degree and has previously worked as a documentation designer and in marketing for a large industrial operator in Vaasa and in Sweden, and later as a documentation designer in the mining industry in Helsinki. Keskiväli graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in the spring of 2021.

”My degrees are complementary. I have worked on projects and in product development. In product development, large amounts of documentation were required by the authorities, for example”, Keskiväli explains.

”A slightly different experience from documentation brings a unique point of view on certain subjects and process development. It is wonderful that I have the opportunity to develop my own work.”

Documentation experts: Kaisa Keskiväli (left) works at Raumaster Oy as a documentation designer and Laura Gutwasser as documentation specialist at Raumaster Paper Oy. Read also Laura's Master of Dokumentointi -article by clicking this photo.

Independent teamwork

Keskiväli emphasises that teamwork skills and good communication are the key in the work of a documentation designer. She needs to get along with different people and be polite but firm when necessary – both in-house and with customers.

”We always work with the customer’s best interest in mind. An open work community is a basic requirement for a successful operation. Being able to ask for help from your coworkers and helping each other during the busy times also creates a sense of security. This way we can also share knowledge and learn.”, Keskiväli reminds.

"An open work community is a basic requirement for a successful operation."

The different educational backgrounds and experiences of the professionals in the documentation department also plays a part in ensuring the best possible result. The work requires precise prioritisation, and Keskiväli gets to define the course of her own workdays. She describes her job as independent teamwork.

”During projects, several task request of various sizes might come up at once, and when you have them queued up, you have to take great care to ensure that everything proceeds on schedule and that the correct documentation is sent to the right project and onwards to the customer.”

Master of Dokumentointi – so how is documentation mastered?

Kaisa Keskiväli, documentation designer, Raumaster: Planning, broadmindedness and technical understanding are emphasised in my work. You also need to know what equipment we are making and have a general understanding of said equipment. You need to be able to organise your own work, know how to anticipate and have constant access to the current information.