Master of Osto – Markus Aarnio: “Trust works both ways”

Reliable subcontractor networks and seamless collaboration between purchasing and the company are emphasised in a purchaser’s work. Markus Aarnio feels a sense of achievement when he finds the right solutions on time and for a good price.

Markus Aarnio, who works as a purchaser at Raumaster Oy’s purchasing department, plays a significant role in the successful completion of projects in terms of the schedules and the finances. He purchases components, such as dust removal equipment and sensors, for the equipment the company delivers.

Aarnio procures components for the subcontractor workshops as well as the Sampaanala workshop and installation sites all around the world. He also ensures that certain warehouse items are always available.

“As a purchaser, I make sure that the right items arrive at the warehouse at the right time so that we can get them to the workshops on time. In addition to scheduling, the prices and the high quality Raumaster is known for are emphasised in my work”, Aarnio explains.

“The trust between us and our subcontractors goes both ways.”

Sometimes the purchaser supports the sales department already during the bidding stage. Aarnio researches prices and quotes, for example, which can then be used to offer the customer the most precise solutions.

“Most of the components I procure are supplied through our procurement planning. The components I purchase usually arrive when the project’s design process has begun. The most critical components and gears arrive first, although I am not responsible for the gears.”

In practice, the purchaser is involved with a project until it is handed over.

“Various components are needed along the way, and even during the installation phase. I also order doors, locks, and handles, for example, which can sometimes have very detailed specifications in terms of models, functionalities, and colours.”

"Great supplier networks are an important part of a purchaser’s work", says Markus Aarnio.

Productive and social nature

Close internal collaboration is one of the cornerstones of the purchasing department as the supplies each purchaser procures are always connected in some way. Aarnio, for example, purchases electrical components. The purchasing department’s different strengths support one another.

“Great supplier networks are an important part of a purchaser’s work. Quality and reliability, which includes compliance with delivery times, are highlighted in everything. Wide networks also play a key role if we need to react to urgent needs”, Aarnio says.

“Wide networks play a key role.”

He has worked for Raumaster since January 2012. Aarnio graduated as an automation engineer in 2008, and he previously worked in warehousing in the forest industry and as a spare parts sales engineer in his hometown Pori.

“The work environment at Raumaster is great. Although the organization is large, it is light in the right way. I do most of my work remotely, and I go to the office once a week on average.”

Aarnio has worked for Raumaster since January 2012.

At the moment, Aarnio is procuring components for a dozen or so projects. In a purchaser’s daily work, organisational skills, the ability to work under pressure, social nature, and the understanding and knowledge of equipment and their details are important.

“I get to solve various problems in my work. Finding the right solutions on time and for a great price gives me the sense of achievement, just like finding new, great component suppliers does”, Aarnio smiles.

Master of Osto – so how is purchasing mastered?

Markus Aarnio, purchaser, Raumaster: A purchaser must find high-quality components for a great price within the agreed delivery time. Achieving this requires reliable, high-quality subcontractor networks, and the seamless collaboration between the purchasing department and the entire company. The trust between us and our subcontractors goes both ways – they can rely on us for orders, and we can trust that their quality is excellent and that the components arrive just as we have agreed.