Raumaster supplies a fuel handling system for AB Borlänge Energi

Photo: AB Borlänge Energi

Raumaster has signed a supply contract with the Swedish AB Borlänge Energi. Raumaster will supply the entire system for fuel reception, processing and conveying for a heat-generating power plant in the municipality of Börlänge.

The project will include fuel receiving by screw reclaimer, screening and crushing, as well as conveyor lines for two boilers. The project entirety will create plenty of work in the Rauma region, as it will employ not only Raumaster’s own organization, but also the network of subcontractors.

The delivery contract was signed in early April 2024 and the handover of the project is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2026.


Janne Rantanen
Manager, External fuel handling systems, Raumaster
+358 40 173 5733