Summer at Raumaster: “Getting a better understanding of your field”

Bryan Haug worked for Raumaster from the end of February to the end of August in 2023. Haug’s work began with a work-based learning period, and then at the beginning of June he continued his job as a summer worker.

During that same summer he also graduated as a plater-welder from Sataedu Kokemäki. He is also a qualified CNC laser cutter operator. At the Sampaanala machine shop, Haug operated a plasma cutter.

”It was my first summer at Raumaster. When I was looking for a place where I could complete my work-based learning period, I asked my friends about good options within the field and Raumaster got brought up several times. I contacted the company and got the position”, Haug explains.

"I had such a great time. The machine shop has a great crew that works together."

”During the spring I told my coworkers that I would love to stay at Raumaster for the summer and they encouraged me to apply since I was already familiar with the company. I had such a great time. The machine shop has a great crew that works together, and if you do not know something, you can ask anyone for help.”

Constantly learning more by doing

Practical work taught the recently graduated professional a lot. A thorough orientation on the job and the machine shop got him started, and the more experienced workers offered guidance whenever he needed it.

”At work, I used plasma to cut pieces, and I also did some welding if it was needed. My studies gave me a great foundation for this profession, but at work you develop a wider understanding of the metal industry. Now I am even more familiar with this field than I was before, and I constantly learn more by doing.”

"At work you develop a wider understanding of the metal industry."

Haug enjoyed the work that required physical fitness – in a way, the work served as a hobby.

”I have been going to the gym a lot, and at work I lifted plenty of heavy materials. It felt a bit like I had been at the gym and got paid for it. I enjoyed my time at Raumaster a lot. Having a great work environment is the most important thing for me.”

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